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5-Using Herbs From A Home Garden

You have planted the herbs and watched them grow and flourish.  They are extremely useful in so many ways.  But, using herbs from a home herb garden requires a little bit or work first. In order to use the herbs you will need to harvest them first.  Timing is a huge factor.  The wind and […]

4-The Italian Herb Garden

Growing your own herbs in an Italian herb garden provides a huge amount of possibilities.  Some of the most famous and tastiest herbs in the world come from Italy.  Some of the best cuisines come from Italy and are famous in part for their herbs. Basil is a well know Italian herb and useful in […]

3-Herb Garden Kits

Some of us have the desire to grow our own herbs but lack the knowledge of how to get started.  There are a lot of questions that come along with starting an herb garden.  For instance, which herbs do better if they were grown from seeds?  What is the right kind of soil to grow […]

2-Growing Herbs In Pots

Herbs can also be grown indoors in pots or containers.  They can also be grown in window boxes or hanging baskets.  Growing herbs in pots is not anymore difficult then growing herbs in an outdoor garden.  Indoor herb gardens need the same growing requirements that garden herbs need. All plants need three main things in […]

1-Herb Garden Plants

Herb plants come in annuals, perennials, and biennials like other types of plants.  There are so many different types of herbs and each one is different.  If you are interested in a specific type of herb, you should research that one to understand the care it needs and how to use it properly.  This article […]